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spiritually oppurtunistic but not religious

Just went through one of these the other night after the conversation veered into the big no no of religion and politics. “Oh, I’m spiritual but not religious.” “…Yeah? Im a vegan but crave veal.” spiritual but not religious. What … Continue reading

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It was New Years?

The thing with New Years is you must have an abundance of fun because everyone else is having oodles of merry making in this slightly asphyxiating full frontal happyhappyjoyjoy atmosphere. If you’re not with it, you’ve run the risk of … Continue reading

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look at this figgin moron!

Lets keep the division between church and state (it’s there for a reason).

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fear not for thou art is not alone (we’re all in this together).

I was strolling through facebook and found this article via a friend’s feed and proceeded to take a short detour of procrastination under the guise of intellectual improvement, with the intention that would eventually get me back on the main … Continue reading

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perception makes the person

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Shaken Imperialists wonder today- if North Korea has Surprise Nuclear Facility, might it not also have constructed a PSYCHOTIC HOVER-OX?

Reports are varied. Some say its a hoax, some say its true, and some spineless folks don’t have opinions. Kim Jung il’s ultra secret regime is apparently embracing social media. Im not sure what goes through Kim’s head, either hes … Continue reading

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As a recent college grad with a degree i cant really put to use, grandiose expectations and high ideals, while still living off my parents, i consider myself to be at/near the avant garde cutting edge of cultural phenomenon. ok … Continue reading

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