It was New Years?

The thing with New Years is you must have an abundance of fun because everyone else is having oodles of merry making in this slightly asphyxiating full frontal happyhappyjoyjoy atmosphere. If you’re not with it, you’ve run the risk of feeling like the only one who isn’t having fun. Honest to god; turn on the TV on New Years and you will not see a single pouting face in all of time square. An obnoxious amount of planning goes into people’s New Years Eves in order to ensure it will be an over the top, brilliant start to an ensuing year that, hopefully, with luck, will follow through and stay on that same brilliant course to even greater over the top brilliance. Its a lot like shooting a basketball from half court while blindfolded and expecting it to go in.

Then again, try going through a New Years without throngs of people or booze. Its boring as hell. I’m not trying to convince you to celebrate in a spiritual way or changing your frame of mind will better guarantee a wholesome productive year. I’m saying enjoy it. And while you’re at it, go ahead and enjoy it too much. In fact, don’t stop till you get peeled off the floor and carried home. But, when you wake up, realize time is not linear. New Years is a lot of hype; and if you think about it, every day is the start to a New Year. Jan 1st is just the designated celebratory excuse for excessive drinking, merriment, decking yourself out in various tacky one-day souvenir whistles/glasses/bullshit and getting kissed at midnight with the hopes of getting laid on a quasi-momentous genesis-ish occasion. Its a win-win situation and I for one, am all about it.

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