fear not for thou art is not alone (we’re all in this together).

I was strolling through facebook and found this article via a friend’s feed and proceeded to take a short detour of procrastination under the guise of intellectual improvement, with the intention that would eventually get me back on the main road of more pressing matters. Isn’t the internet wonderful? I think so. It sure beats a stroll in the park.

Apparently theres a woman who has no fear, alike to the comicbook superhero “Daredevil : Man without Fear”. Much the same way Ben Affleck was probably surprised at being crucified by film critics and box office numbers, doctors are surprised this woman is still alive. Apparently she doesn’t fear due to missing a part of her brain and even had to be prevented from touching a tarantula; thus slightly raising the street cred of creationists worldwide and proving that evolution doesn’t always apply.

While dudes in lab coats see this as an opportunity to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I see it a possible answer to a mind- boggling philosophical question. “Which is the most universal human characteristic– fear or laziness.” Yes, that was taken  from the script of “The Waking Life” which, by the way, is a great movie that will either put you to sleep or will get you asking questions that really have no answer. It should come with a disclaimer that reads “You might want to watch this while stoned”

Anyway, the fearless woman in questions is not a multi-millionaire, celebrity, revolutionary leader of an ideological crusade, religious zealot,  politician, porn star, iron chef, crime fighter, professional video-gamer, astronaut, or really anything spectacular. Although I’m coming to this conclusion based on the assumption the article would have mentioned something if she was one of the above, I firmly believe she, like most of us, hasn’t achieved her childhood dreams or really pursued them fully. In fact, I’ll stake my life on it. Therefore, we can make the resilient yet inconclusive argument that, Laziness not fear, is the mind killer.  On a more positive note, do yourself a favor and go get some sun.

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