Lets get this straight. Free speech is a fundamental part of the American democratic way of life with the press being the proverbial 4th branch of government. Its literally the link between the 3 official branches and the people. It serves the purpose of keeping the powers that be in check and accountable to the people. In recent times, its been outstandingly impotent, flacid, and outright abyssmal focusing on shallow sensationalism and hollow entertainment. The work of wikileaks has simply done what the press is suppose to do in exposing the government for its inadepquatcies, informing people so that they may make better decisions while voting; a process that serves to impove the system. So why kill the messager? If anything, by not revealing their true motives and opinions, this tells us that our government deems us, its citizens, as slow-witted peons. Furthurmore, when members of our government commit illicit acts against UN law. We should hold them accountable. More simply put, Hillary Clinton done fucked up. And the release of these documents do not put anybody’s life in danger. Do you really think Putin is not going to have someone shot just because someone called him Batman at the expense of relations with the world’s strongest power?

Sign the petition.

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