Shaken Imperialists wonder today- if North Korea has Surprise Nuclear Facility, might it not also have constructed a PSYCHOTIC HOVER-OX?

Reports are varied. Some say its a hoax, some say its true, and some spineless folks don’t have opinions. Kim Jung il’s ultra secret regime is apparently embracing social media. Im not sure what goes through Kim’s head, either hes a happy-go-lucky moron or hes a shrewd calculating asshole.  Nonetheless, North Korea is on Twitter and Youtube. The name of the account”Uriminzok” sounds like something a Scientology would name  their middle child, but in Korean apparently means “Our Nation” (very original). But have no fear, this North Korean twitter feed probably says the same shit, but its in english, and … well.. its hilarious. i dare you to scroll through and not laugh.

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