Kim Jong Un-fit (can we call him chubby bunny?)

Im not sure how to say this without offending my Korean friends… but doesnt Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Un look kind of… well.. like an average korean kid? The picture was taken a long time ago, but I mean, cmon, hes even has that silver chain that we all had as teenagers. This is suppose to be the third son of one of the most infamously sinister, abhorrently sadistic, classic defiant asshole, motherfuckers on the face of the face of the earth. One would assume his children are fed on human flesh, are instructed on torturing techniques, and slash children with machetes for homework. Granted its an old picture and for all we know he could have his face completely tattooed over in 666s and upside-down crosses. But lets hope, not everyone takes after their parents.

Little is known about Kim Jong Un, even his birthday, which was “officially” changed to fit the party’s needs for his accession to power (we do know hes about 30). This is one of two pictures of the kid which I assume was taken when he was studying in Sweden. He was chosen recently to take up his father’s hereditary “Great Leader” post after his brother fell out of favor with daddy for trying to smuggle himself to Disneyland in Japan (thats a funny story in itself). There are a lot of rumors surrounding this guy. Some sound positive some are horrendous, but I’m hoping this means a change, not necessarily in world affairs (most politicians are petty cunts) , but definitely in the quality of life not enjoyed by North Koreans. There are a couple absolutely tragic videos on Youtube illegally taken in the Northern Republic. If you consider yourself one with a strong stomach, check them out. But otherwise, i suggest you take a look at the Official web page of North Korea, if not for educational purposes on culture, history, abuse of power and propaganda, then do it for shits n giggles (or both reasons).

And of course, just as I finish this post, and look for the other possible paparazzi photo of Un, it turns out the North Koreans released a very blurry image of him.

It seems the internet community is bombarding him with fat jokes. Im more concerned about that haircut dude. Where on earth could he have possibly gotten the inspiration for that? Is it possible that their party stylist of the republic can only do one haircut?

Skynews also had some news on the subject.

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