and so.

the best part about being artistically inclined, is that even when you aren’t making “art”, chances are you find yourself sketching while watching TV, determining how to best compose a photo of a rock at the beach, or simply trying out a new medium or subject matter that might be as odd as drawing with a cigarette butt.

Its all very strange and you tend to ask yourself “Am I going crazy? Normal people don’t do this. ”

the response to this question Ive come up with is, “well, shit… at least im consistent.” (and it seems to work)

Since graduating, Ive been feeling a little directionless, and the beautiful summer sky isn’t very conducive for motivation to work in my hobbit prison of a studio all day. So, here is some of what I have been working on since about a month ago.

My friend Elliot Erwin, a talented graphic designer, hooked me up with some glow in the dark paint a couple months ago and I finally got a chance to play with it. This is what came of it. The color of the illumination reminded me of night vision from a first person shooter video game or silence of the lambs and my first response do something that looked like it came out of a model kit. This is what ensued. I’m not entirely happy with it as some of the ink rubbed off on to the lighter parts and the idea could have been better thought out. But, for a spontaneous first try at this, I’m pretty happy.

This here is a watercolor I made last week. Its been a while since Ive worked in this medium, but after seeing some of David Choe’s watercolor work, I just had to try it out.

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