never dazed, always confused

cycling cult rite of passage

theres always time for revenge

...and they were completely oblivious

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  1. jjuniorc says:

    Hey andrew. havent talked in a while. whats going on? love the sheep/wolf piece.

    • whatup kid! i just graduated and currently jobless. This isnt one of those “dont go to art school and end up like me” kind of things. This is one of those “i enjoy reading and drawing and doing stuff at my own pace even though it forces me to pinch pennies and worry” kind of things. AND, back when i was your age i had no shoes and would walk 140 miles through blizzards to get to school just for a measly education taught by someone hardly older than myself in a log cabin. on a mountain. and would fend of grizzlies. no, zombie grizzlies. haha back to your question, im basically settling in and looking for a job to fund my lifestyle and art practice; other than the fact my shower pressure sucks, i have few complaints. how are you?

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